Dedicated Supplement to Stop Hair Loss, Reverse Thinning & Graying Hair.


Segals Advanced Hair Supplement: A Dedicated Hair-Supplement meant for stimulating hair-cell metabolism and strengthening the connective tissue providing a focussed nutrition for the hair-root to not only grow back lost hair but also to restore hair to its natural colour and strength. It contains the herb Fo-Ti, which helps restore hair to its natural colour.

The Supplement is vegan, is a softgel, has no animal content, has no chemicals or drugs and has no reported side-effects. It is not animal-tested, has no chemicals/drugs and can be taken for as long as one wishes, as a preventive or a curative regimen without any fear working on the mind, even after the hair/scalp issue has been resolved completely.

For best results, use alongwith the Segals Hair Root Formula for Thinning Hair or the Segals Advanced Scalp Formula for Thinning Hair and a Shampoo/Conditioner from the Segals Solutions range, according to your hair/scalp type.

Suggested Dosage: One capsule per day for preventive/maintenance cases or initial hair loss cases and two capsules per day for prolonged hair loss and thinning hair cases, always after meals.

Ingredients: Saw-Palmetto-10 mg, Kelp-150 mg, Stinging Nettle-115 mg, Fo Ti-150 mg and Silica (Aqueous Horsetail Extract)-75 mg.

Pack Size: 60 Capsules (usually lasts 2 months)


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